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TJ is an accomplished actress currently with a recurring role on AMC's western series Hell on Wheels, being shot in the Alberta foothills. TJ confesses that back in 1989, CMT videos were instrumental in her conversion to being one of country music’s primary fans, and she has been a CMT watcher ever since! She fondly recalls how CMT kept her company in the mid 90’s while studying for many university exams, and is ecstatic to be working for the network that she has followed for so long! 

TJ spent her first 18 years growing up in Saskatchewan, some of which were spent as a farm girl, where she learned to drive tractors and heavy equipment, ride motorcycles, hunt and even skin the occasional deer. She says, "The work ethic gained from growing up in southern Saskatchewan is priceless.  I cherish my good wholesome roots.”

TJ attended university in Ontario where she gained a B.Sc. in Biology plus a B.PHE from Queen's University, and then a B.Ed. from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. TJ comments, "Mom always told me, 'You're going to University', so there was never a question about it. I loved sciences, got scholarships, and entered pre-med. In the end, medicine wasn't my choice of occupation.  Then after graduating, working for while, and starting a family, I decided to explore my first love of acting and have thoroughly enjoyed the switch from sciences to the arts." TJ adds, " I don't regret my Science Geek days though!! No education is a waste." 

These days TJ is a wife and mom with an active family living on an acreage south of Calgary, Alberta. Most time away from Call2Win is spent running her husband's office, going to the gym, and driving kids to various after-school activities. Other interests are painting, singing and competitive swimming (which the whole family competes in too). TJ is also quite “handy” around the house and says if she were born a boy, she would be in construction! She has quite a lot of experience installing flooring, doing tiling, installing and mudding drywall, painting walls, and has even built a deck or two.  “I won’t do electrical or plumbing, though, so don’t fear!” she says, smiling.  “I leave that to professionals!”

Communicating comes naturally for Alex, a self-proclaimed firecracker, bursting with energy and passion for life, people and of course, live television!  Alex began her career in TV armed with a University of Victoria political science degree and public relations certificate.  This outgoing go-getter then interned for both KARE 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and NY1 News in Manhattan, New York.  Thanks to these skills-based internships, as well as a hands-on education in broadcast journalism at Toronto, Ontario’s Ryerson University, Alex has thrived as a TV host, video journalist, writer, producer and reporter.   Although she boasts many career highlights, Alex will never quite forget the time she nearly got stampeded by a bull, while reporting for Citytv Calgary.  
When this urban cowgirl isn't hosting Call to Win, she's been known to play endlessly with her dog Pancake and spend as much time as possible with her beloved family and friends.   Alex also volunteers for various community organizations and uses her leisure time to ski the bunnyhills fearlessly, hike in the Rockies, attempt a long distance run at least once weekly, catch up on her journaling, travel anywhere and everywhere, sing (it's never out of tune in the shower) and oh yes, shop!